CHRISTIAN PARENTS: Help Your Kids Understand and Share Why Christianity is True With This Simple 4-Word Framework


A Simple 4-Word Framework to Help Your Kids Explore the Powerful Evidence Why Christianity is True


Imagine what it would feel like to know your kids can understand and share a clear, step-by-step case for why Christianity is true.

Getting started is always the hardest part right?! This simple 4-word framework will help you overcome the fear of not knowing what to say and give you the clarity and confidence you need to help you have better conversations with your kids about their faith.


You Want to Help Your Kids Build a Lasting Faith...But Where Do You Start?

Life is crazy busy and there's so much information out there! It can feel overwhelming to know what to focus on. Here's a proven way to start faith conversations that will grow with your kids (and build your confidence as a parent while you're at it!).

"Jonathan Morrow is one of the top communicators for both students and adults on apologetics and cultural issues."

Sean McDowell
Best-selling author, speaker, and professor at Biola University

Dr. Jonathan Morrow

The Case for Christianity in 4 Words framework was created by popular speaker, author, and professor Jonathan Morrow. He is the author of several books including Welcome to College and Questioning the Bible, the creator of the 5 Things Every Teenager Needs to Build a Lasting Faith course for parents and Your Worldview Minute podcast. His passion is seeing a new generation build a lasting faith. Jonathan and his bride of 18 years have three children.


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